Online music and dance programs allow students to exercise in the comfort of their own house. Classes are taught via an online conference app and can be accessed with any supported device (computers, tablets, cellphones etc.). Our highly trained teachers have extensive experience with online teaching and students will be getting the same attention, feedback and corrections that they would have been getting in a traditional music and dance lesson. The administrative staff will be available to offer any technical support during the online class hours to the families. We are very excited to add online lessons to our curriculum and we can’t wait to meet you in this medium as well!

What Apps are Used in Online Classes?

We, as the Panorama Art Academy, use Zoom in our online lessons. You only need to download the free Zoom app and have an active Zoom account to access our classes.

You can join the classes with only one click through the link that will be sent to you just before the class. The interaction between the teacher and the student is uninterrupted as our lessons are conducted with cameras and microphones open.

In a case that you are unable to use Zoom actively, we can also conduct our lessons through an alternative app like WhatsApp, Skype or Google Meet. To ensure that our student can actively and comfortably participate in classes, we seek to be flexible with the meeting times and platforms.

Online Education Programs in the Panorama Art Academy are: Ballet, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum, Clarinet, Saxaphone, Flute, Singing and Art


You can reach out to us through either 0 552 733 1767 and 0 850 305 9767 or fill out the form to get information or attend one of our online classes.