Drama lessons form the basis for drama topics such as speaking, acting, poetry speaking, reading for performance, deciphering, improvisation, and fictional performance, and are a great introduction to excellent acting. By learning these basic communication skills, students both improve their performance and realize that their social self-confidence increase.


Also drama lessons; includes introductory acting exercises, speaking exercises, movement and creative improvisation. Mini-scenarios are presented to older students to help them become familiar with the use of text and to develop their imagination and performance skills. In addition to games, students also have the opportunity to participate in designed group performances. Acting lessons can also be carried out in order to solve the problem of speech insecurity caused by hearing or speech difficulties, increase the confidence in speaking in the crowd, or prepare for aptitude tests according to the needs of the students.


Regardless of the age of our students, the main goal of our program is to contribute to gaining confidence, self-esteem and skills in verbal communication. We invite you to the Panorama Art Academy family so that you can reach all these and more.


To get information about our drama lessons and to join our free trial lesson, you can contact us immediately at 0 (850) 305 9767 or fill out the trial lesson form.