The guitar is in itself a miniature orchestra. We hope this instrument will contribute to your inner motivation and inspire you to work, practice, create, enjoy and achieve something wonderful.

The guitar is one of the most enjoyable instruments to learn. A guitarist develops the ability to express oneself and release emotions through playing. Playing the guitar means adding new wings to a person’s creative side. It helps to strengthen hand-mind coordination, time management skills and make people more systematic. Many synchronized movements can be learned with guitar lessons; moving, grasping, playing both hands at the same time and holding the correct fret positions at the same time. Learning to play the guitar for kids is extremely beneficial as it not only broadens their IQ level and academic performance but also helps them to be more organized and flexible.

Classical, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar training is given by our professional trainers at our Panorama Art Academy located in Ankara Bahçelievler Emek district.


Classical Guitar Course
One of the best options for learning the basics of guitar training is classical guitar. Since it is lighter than other guitar types, it is easier to carry, and it is more affordable than other types in terms of price. Considering these situations, it is the most preferred type among guitar types. The keyboard of classical guitars has a wider structure. At the same time, plastic strings are used in classical guitars. Classical guitar is a type of guitar that is suitable for beginners of guitar education.

Acoustic Guitar Course
While acoustic guitars have a larger body than classical guitars, they have a thinner keyboard structure. In addition, steel strings are used in acoustic guitars. The acoustic guitar, which has high and rich tones, is an instrument that can be used for a wide variety of music genres.

Electric Guitar Course

The structure of all classical, acoustic or electric guitars are similar. Guitars has a structure consisting of a bridge, body and keyboard. While classical and acoustic guitars are hollow, electric guitars have a solid and solid body.

Over the years, the acoustic guitar has remained limited to large musical groups due to its low volume. Accordingly, the demand for more volume by the performers is one of the most important triggers for the emergence of the electric guitar. The predecessors of the modern electric guitar are acoustic guitars that have been roughly modified by the inventors who wore cables, magnets and other “pickup” attachments. However, as technology began to evolve in the 1930’s, new versions became more complex and the electric guitar became a solo instrument, a development that helped expand musical styles.

Bass Guitar Course
When you get into music, you will learn that music consists of three main elements. These three elements; rhythm, harmony and melody. Traditionally, bass performs two basic and vital functions within a band or group. When you study bass guitar, you will also train rhythm and harmony and practice them on the bass guitar.

One of the essentials of music is rhythm. Bass provides the rhythmic basis in music. One of the primary responsibilities and priorities of a bass player in a band is rhythm.

Another responsibility and priority of the bass player is his contribution to the harmonic structure with the performance of the correct basic notes.