About us

panorama art

As PANORAMA ART ACADEMY, which is located in Emek – Ankara; we provide training in the branches of Ballet, Piano, Violin, Drums, Flute, Popular Vocal, Classical Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Turkish Music Instruments, Drama and Painting. We also run fine arts and conservatory exam preparation programs. We continue our educational activities in the private conservatory system with our expert instructors in each branch.

We are affiliated to T.C. Ministry of Education (MEB) and we have  authorized to issue MEB certificates in the branches we offer classes. Students who attend their classes regularly take the end-of-term evaluation exams held by MEB at the end of each year, and those who are successful gain the right to attend courses at a higher level. In cases where application is made to Panorama Sanat, we test the student to determine the branch competencies of the student. Upon the determination of the grade level of the student, we continue the education with the curriculum of our institution by including it in our certificate program.

In our institution; apart from the MEB certificate, we also train students for some international certificate programs. In this direction, we follow all art activities in the world and offer our students the most accurate and best options. Considering the differences and goals of our students, we adopt a sustainable education system with modern designs and analyzed content according to their levels.

On this road we started with the motto of Happy Art; in addition to providing our students with the best and most accurate education, it is our greatest goal to create happiness and smile on their faces. The greatest promise given to you by us as the Panorama Art family; while learning the best about art, there will be a smile on your face and the happiness of success.