Singing is an easy and fun activity, but there are some techniques that need to be applied in order for your unique voice to nourish your soul and make the song its best.

If you have always had a passion for singing or wanted to sing a melody you heard, you can attend the vocal training course we offer you and learn the basic singing techniques and perform a performance that you feel happier. It’s time to let your inner voice shine by being part of our family!

Even if you are a beginner with no previous musical background, with our wide repertoire of different musical genres, our qualified teachers will guide you on a musical journey in the best and correct way. Thus, you will be able to gain the skill of vocalization in accordance with the style by choosing works suitable for your own voice color.

In the Panorama Art Academy, our classes are conducted individually in order to provide more personal attention for you.

We invite you to our family to enchant you and the audience with your unique voice.


  • Understanding the formation of sound
  • Posture and breathing control
  • Rhythm training and note reading
  • Articulation and diction studies
  • Correct expression
  • Singing practice
  • To be able to interpret the work in accordance with the style
  • Improving the dynamics and usability of sound
  • Wide repertoire of classical, traditional, pop, contemporary and jazz music

To get information about our singing lessons and to join our free trial lesson, you can contact us immediately at 0 (850) 305 9767 or fill out the trial lesson form.